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lit a cigarette, sat on the ground, hugging her knees.

She doesn't know anything

- Why do you think so?

Now this bunch of brothers huddled around me.

- Why are you silent, Tanya?

— Isn't it clear? They took this box because they themselves thought that

money in it. Natasha must have said about our conversation with her. You yourself saw how they draped. They risked their lives, so they themselves do not know where the money is. And it sucks, because there is no one else to ask.

- How is it not for anyone? And her mother? I looked at Natasha:

- Mother will go to Radishchevo?

She shook her head.

- Mom does not want to see Uncle Zhenya, she was offended.

- Don't care about her deep feelings. Igor stomped on his cigarette butt. - He will give the money and let him be offended further.



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